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"Lyn is one of the best professionals I know. She is an expert therapist as well as a warm, funny, kindly person. If you have a chance to work with Lyn then go for it!"

Dr John Eaton


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Join the growing number of people who have recovered using Reverse Therapy. See the gallery of recovered clients.

Reverse Therapy is an educational process developed by Dr John Eaton. It works as a successful treatment for:

Recovery from CFS/ME with Reverse Therapy has a current success rate of over 80%. Find out more about Reverse Therapy.

Reverse Therapy is now available in the North East of England with a clinic in Durham City. Alternatively, sessions can be offered over Skype and telephone for some conditions. Up to two home visits can be made in the County Durham area for those who are housebound with ME. 

Your Reverse Therapist in the Northeast is Lyn White. Lyn is an ex-nurse with personal experience of recovery from CFS/ME.

News and Events

Is it rational to trust your gut instincts?

A neuroscientist explains why the answer is yes.

Alexithymia and fibromyalgia: clinical evidence

This is from a US journal called, "Frontiers in Psychology" and it was sent to me by a client I am working with just now.  It is very interesting and ties in with what Dr John Eaton has been teaching and training Reverse Therapists and clients to understand since 2002 - the link between unexpressed emotions and diseases including fibromyalgia (FMA).

Success Stories

Read a great true story on this blog!

and another one!

Future Talks

If your organisation or group would like me to come and give a talk on the role of Reverse Therapy in staying healthy, in the treatment of ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, IBS, depression or anxiety please call or email.  Durham, Newcastle and Northeast area considered!  Contact Lyn

Workshops - how to reduce stress and stay healthy

Talks or workshops on general well-being, how to keep healthy, reducing stress and how to boost your immune system are available in the Northeast, Durham or Newcastle area.